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The entirely new world enclosed in a live book which helps in effective learning, Visual learning is the best way to learn, enabling students to retain information more effectively than any other methods. Eskuly, has brought a completely new experience of visual learning through book which is our Live Books. Eskuly live book includes English, grammar and mathematics. it is a specially crafted day-to-day course for class 1 to 5 designed and formulated in accordance with the latest guidelines from National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). Live book is a combination of the textbook to improve the learning process of students. Learning through books is important for students to improve their reading but it is also tedious at the same time. It is found that learners respond faster to visual information as compared to text only materials. The solution to this is eskuly live books which is a blend of both book and visualization where you can experience reading as well as visualize your lesson through videos confined in a book. To make your eskuly book interactive, just scan the QR code of the lesson from Eskuly application to watch the video lecture of the corresponding chapter. Eskuly facilitates you studying from a personal tutor anytime from anywhere. This benefits the learner in active learning and builds the habit of self-studying.

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